Momento Collection | Behind the Scenes

Momento Collection | Behind the Scenes

Our new collection, MOMENTO, is launching on the 11th of July, and as always, we are thrilled to bring this to you.

MOMENTO is all about creating future souvenirs—a memento from a time and place that holds a sense of feeling, serving as a timeless reminder. Jewellery, after all, is something so personal and special.

With this vision in mind, and without any design limitations, I worked closely with our amazing manufacturing team. Together, they turned my wild designs into incredible pieces with expert craftsmanship.

The signature chain of the collection, the Volume Chain, is something I will treasure forever, and it's a design I am most proud of —it’s a true memento and forever piece created with so much care.

On average, it takes approximately 30 hours to assemble one necklace.

The Volume Chain boasts a design aesthetic that cannot be achieved by a machine; it is skillfully handmade, showcasing expert craftsmanship and unmistakable beauty. 

  • Each individual cast link is hand-finished, polished, and assembled one by one.
  • Links are meticulously secured at the perfect angle to ensure each bracelet and necklace sits flawlessly on the body when being worn.
  • Complemented by a technically invisible clasp for an infinity finish.


A true masterpiece.

In the Momento Collection, you will also find our signature refined essentials—core styles designed with you, the wearer, in mind.

Sleeper hoops, textured rings, and wavy bangles were a real joy to design and create.

Lastly, a Flash collection wouldn't be complete without a bold hoop earring…

We look forward to sharing our new signature styles with you—sentimental souvenirs for your future self.

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