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We would love to hear from you ~

Responsibility & Sustainability

Beauty & functionality, done sustainably. 

We aim to create sustainably, produce ethically & practice responsible processes. 

As a small business we continue to every day make conscious decisions and choices that echo our core values & ethos. Understanding our impact as both producer & consumer. 




We acknowledge that in our position, it is our responsibility to educate & encourage others to adopt a similar approach, continue to make thoughtful changes to our practices and learn as much as we can. Together we are working alongside our manufacturers, who are based in Jaipur, India, to produce & manufacture our jewellery in a way which is sustainable, ethical & responsible. Our manufacturer, who is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), has implemented responsible & ethical processes in their factories that are echoed in our very own ethos as a business.

From utilising recycled water captured via a rain water harvesting system back into their manufacturing processes, to planting around 2,000 trees surrounding their factory in the past 3 years - these are the small contributions & conscious decisions that align true with our own value to create & produce sustainably.

Our Byron Bay studio, warehouse, showroom and office is solar-powered & we participate actively in recycling our spent materials to reduce our input into landfill. We are aiming to be a plastic-free business & consciously make decisions in our day to day operations that will minimise our environmental footprint, wherever possible.




Every one of our Flash Jewellery designs is created in-house with craftsmanship, classic & essential qualities in mind. We value longevity in our collections; and design our pieces to be timeless, to transcend seasons and remain a core part of your jewellery collection forever.

Still sketching everything herself, our Designer & Founder Nina Gordon, has stayed true to a design process which remains very hands-on, allowing her to transfer her extensive knowledge into each piece. Creating refined & classic collections that are beyond beautiful basics. 

“When designing I always like to think about the style being a future classic - relevant for a long time, foregoing seasons & being passed on, just like the jewellery my mum has passed on to me.. Holding this value led me to consider what the foundation of Flash is, and from here our Core range was inspired. Our Core collection champions a slower pace, a selection of classic, timeless styles continuously on offer, designed to be a part of your collection now & forever.” ~ Nina Gordon



Flash Jewellery is consciously hand-made in small batches by skilled artisans using only recycled, high quality metals. These metals, alongside industry guidelines are used to create our premium 14k Vermeil.

We are very fortunate to work closely with our manufacturers in India. Machinery & technology available to them means that regular testing of precious metal and gold plate thickness can be carried out, in turn ensuring that we continue to produce quality pieces that meet industry standards.

Our manufacturers are part of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) which ensures working conditions and processes remain transparent and are regularly audited within their business.

Contribution towards the RJC ensures our manufacturers have access to regulated industry guidelines & support facilities, thus enabling them to continue their commitment to providing the living wage to all workers, embracing diversity & empowering women in the workplace. 

Our manufacturers have converted traditional work processes and skills into a modern format so as to provide their workers with a healthy & safe work environment. Installation of an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) within their factory removes hazardous chemicals from any production wastewater and the introduction of a Solar Energy Plant now means that renewable energy can be utilised throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Responsible practices, ethical production and sustainable processes; attention to these values ensures quality craftsmanship in all of our pieces.

Read about our Metals & Manufacturing here



We’re forever improving our packaging; evolving and adapting it to become more eco-friendly and to have reusable purpose.

Pouches: Reusable and created by hand in natural, undyed linen and silk fibres. These pouches have been designed to be breathable and reusable; perfect for storing your jewellery while in your handbag, or for travelling with.

Jewellery Boxes: Created in cardboard and paper & constructed by hand with eco glues; these boxes are made to be reused and to store your other treasures in. We have made a conscious decision also to eliminate the foam or rubber insert that is a more cost effective packaging solution; but not in line with our eco-friendly ethos.

Bag: A treat for our online customers - a beautiful bag designed to be reused, repurposed and gifted. Made from cardboard and paper with material handles; it’s the icing on the cake when treating yourself or someone special.

Mailing Box: Mailing boxes made for our online orders are made from recycled cardboard; these boxes don’t require tape thus eliminating the use of any plastics, as well as bubble wrap or poly bags in our shipping process. If tape is required we use a minimal amount in a biodegradable option.

Care Cards & Postcards: All of our printing and promotional material is created locally using recycled paper/ cardboard.



We only use recycled silver and gold; preserving what materials are already on offer and not contributing to mining earth's resources.

We are committed to working with precious metals that hold their value, can be used over and over again and have the ability to be recommissioned to take on a new life.

Introducing a re-plating service (Coming soon!) alongside our buy-back scheme will ensure longevity is invested in & maintained in all of our pieces. Recycling unwanted styles will allow us to close the loop in our processes and give these styles a second life.

We save all jewellery, components, parts and spares (some could say Nina has a collecting problem!). All these parts are remade into new pieces inhouse or kept for repairs. Items with slight defects are not wasted, instead sold via our yearly sample sale.

Faulty or broken items that we’re unable to repair are all sent back to our manufacturer; these pieces and parts are melted down, purified and recycled, giving them a second life.

We believe there is a use for everything ~ nothing is disregarded.

We will always strive to work & align ourselves with other like minded people and businesses; together we recognise that although some changes are small, they are still hugely significant in the big picture. 

We will continue to stay true to our values & ethos, creating seasonless collections & forever styles for our customers to enjoy now & beyond. We’re not perfect but we are continuously working towards being better - progress, not perfection.

In addition...

Jewellery doesn’t discriminate & neither do we. Regardless of culture, skin tone, body type, gender, age or religion - we're inclusive.