At Flash, we have built our foundations upon sustainability, originality, social responsibility & empowerment - vital cornerstones in establishing us & our brand identity. We are proud to say that since our conception, these core values have reigned loud & true throughout all aspects of our business.

We reflect our commitment to sustainability through producing our collections in recycled metals, founding our own unique jewellery recycling program; the Flash Buy-Back Scheme & partnering with our manufacturer who is RJC certified. Our jewellery is produced by a workforce that consists of 80% women, spanning across all departments & management of the business. We believe passionately in the promotion of considered and sustainable choices in the workplace and will forever be advocates for empowerment, diversity & inclusivity for all.

It is our intention to create sustainably, produce with originality & bring empowerment to all who surround us.



Intentionally produced, we create products with craftsmanship & care in mind. We prioritise using certified recycled metals and biodegradable goods wherever possible and do not use animal products.

— Certified Recycled Metals
Since 2020 we have proudly been producing our collections in recycled metals preserving what materials are already on offer and not contributing to mining the earth's resources. Going one step further in our sustainable journey, we are using certified recycled metals.
  • Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Certified Recycled Silver & Gold
  • Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) Recycled Brass

— Gemstones & Pearls 
To date, we have used a variety of beautiful gemstones & pearls in our collections. All are ethically sourced by our manufacturer and are traceable back to their original origins. We are currently working towards switching to recycled gemstones & pearls for our future collections.

— Packaging
Our packaging is biodegradable & created to be reusable. We use recycled cardboard, eco glues & biodegradable or paper tape. All of our printing and promotional material is created locally using recycled paper/ cardboard.




Hand-crafted by expert jewellers. Together we work alongside our manufacturers to produce & manufacture our jewellery in a way that is sustainable, ethical & responsible. 

Our primary manufacturer, based in Thailand, Asia, implements a host of strategies & processes to continually improve sustainability and promote inclusivity & empowerment in the workplace.

— Manufacturer certifications 

  • Responsible Jewellery Council
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited 
  • 14001:2015 accredited 
  • UN Global Compact
  • Flash Jewellery Code of Conduct


We commit to working & aligning ourselves with other like-minded people and businesses; together we recognise that although some changes are small, they are still hugely significant in the big picture.

Our Code of Conduct and Social Policies outline the base requirements for responsible behaviour and ethical standards that we will accept from within our business and from any other manufacturers whom we choose to work with.

— Our guidelines
We choose to implement these guidelines alongside local and internationally recognised laws to promote awareness of social responsibility and ethical standards within business and hold all business partners to the same standard.

View our code of conduct -



— Design
We value originality & longevity in our designs and create refined & classic pieces that will transcend seasons & remain a part of your jewellery collections forever. Championing a slower pace, we only produce three capsule collections per year, along side our fundamental core collection.

"When designing I always like to think about the style being a future classic - relevant for a long time, foregoing seasons & being passed on, just like the jewellery my mum has passed onto me…” —  Nina Gordon, Founder & Designer, Flash Jewellery 

— Warranty & Repairs
Being a future classic, our jewellery has a 6-month warranty to ensure against manufacturer defaults. Years on & if needed, we offer complitmenty repairs (if possible in-house). Our policy is to repair, restore, and then replace. We believe there is a use for everything - we save all spares, components and parts (some could say Nina has a collecting problem) these are all re-made into new pieces in-house, or kept for future repairs.

Items with slight defects are not wasted, these are sold via our yearly sample sale ~ Nothing is disregarded. Faulty or broken items we are unable to repair are all sent back to our manufacturer, these are then melted down, purified and recycled, giving them a second life.


Flash Jewellery is committed to minimising and improving our environmental impact. We will always support transparency & clarity around our environmental policies and will continue to communicate our ongoing improvements in this sector.

View our Environmental Policy here

— Recycling Jewellery
Implemented in May 2021, the Flash Jewellery ‘Buy-Back’ scheme allow us to close the loop, recycling/upcycling your unwanted jewellery, giving these metals a second life and ensuring nothing is disregarded or ends up in landfill.

We are committed to working with precious metals that hold their value, can be used over and over again and have the ability to be recommissioned to take on a new life.

We save all jewellery, components, parts and spares. These parts are remade into new pieces in-house or kept for repairs. Faulty or broken items that we’re unable to repair are all sent back to our manufacturer; these pieces and parts are melted down, purified and recycled. 

— Our HQ in Byron Bay
In our Byron Bay studio we participate actively in recycling our spent materials to reduce our input into landfill. We are aiming to be a plastic-free space & consciously make decisions in our day to day operations that will minimise our environmental footprint, wherever possible.



Driven by the desire to empower with the goal to uplift, embrace & celebrate. We believe empowerment & inclusivity is essential and will continue to uphold these core values in every decision we make, every piece we design & every collection we release.

Our jewellery is produced by a workforce that consists of 80% women, spanning across all departments & management of the business. We believe passionately in the promotion of considered and sustainable choices in the workplace and will forever be advocates for empowerment, diversity & inclusivity for all. Jewellery doesn’t discriminate & neither do we. 


We commit to working with & working alongside other like-minded individuals and businesses; 

We are proud to partner with not-for-profit organisations whose mission & ethos directly align with ours at Flash Jewellery. We have a portion of funds that we use throughout the duration of each year to donate towards causes & appeals which we strongly believe in.

— Dress for Success
We are proud to partner with Dress for Success every year since 2020, a global not-for-profit organisation that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

— Worn for Good 
Worn for Good is a social enterprise that was founded to support the move towards a circular economy, whilst offering a creative solution to waste for the fashion industry. Worn For Good gives back 100% of profits to charity; empowering at-risk women and providing funding towards the health of our planet.


"From humble beginnings, Flash Jewellery has evolved from musing’s in my father’s car parts garage to something more than just a jewellery label. We are proud to become part of the change & create impact that is essential for the future; we are committed to being ourselves, bringing positive progress and aiming high, always.

— Nina Gordon | Flash Jewellery

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