FORTÉ Collection | Behind the scenes

FORTÉ Collection | Behind the scenes


FORTÉ Collecton | Launching Thursday — 02.11.​2023


This collection was an absolute joy to design and create.​ Inspired by finding the perfect balance between minimalism and maximalism, resulting in bold confident pieces that possess the ability to not only elevate your outfit but also elevate your mood. It truly encapsulates the core of what Flash represents.

"Balancing boldness with subtlety, minimal with maximal, with the narrative of playing into your strong suit — It's your Forté."



Forever biased towards a few styles... The Dylan Dome Earrings really do it for me.

You may recognise the name, as they were initially intended to be part of our last collection, (to be released alongside the matching Dylan Dome Necklace). However, I made a slight tweak to the sample, making them larger (because more is more). The textured and high-polish finish makes these the perfect dome earrings, offering an incredible alternative to traditional hoops.



Another standout piece is the Solo Tag Sleeper Hoops, a variation of our current style, the Tag Sleeper Hoops. These create an essential sleeper hoop that's effortlessly easy and will be the obvious choice for everyday wear.

In this Resort collection, you will also see the introduction of some gold-plated brass styles that feature a generously thick layer of 14k Gold.

This is an exciting development because we've succeeded in securing certified recycled brass for our production. Not only is it nickel-free and of high quality, but it also aligns with our stringent sustainability guidelines. It's a win-win.


We can't wait to share this with you! 
FORTÉ Collection | Launching Thursday — 02.11.​2023

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