Mixing Metals

Mixing Metals

Silver has returned from the 90’s and it feels like a fresh cool change we never knew we needed. But, after investing in all gold jewellery for many years, it may feel hard to integrate this into your collection..

We asked our designer Nina how she mixes metals and how to wear our latest styles in both finishes.


You don’t need to pick one or the other.

It’s an age-old rule that you can't mix different metals, it stems from the same rulebook that says not to mix prints..or wear brown and black together… 

But mixing metals can look elevated and is a really great way to refresh your typical jewellery styling and gain maximum wear from all your jewellery pieces, regardless of what finish they are.

For a minimal approach, it’s just about adding one silver style into the gold mix (or vise versa)

Wear silver earrings with a gold ring, keep it simple.



Wearing the Goldie Tube Bangle 


I had a great customer the other day that had a beautiful silver bangle in her personal collection and brought our Goldie Tube Bangle to compliment and layer with it. It looked so effortless like it should have been in her collection already - And of course, you can wear them solo too.

For a more maximal approach (I’m a more is more type)

Stack gold and silver rings together, or go one step further and layer hoops in both finishes. It’s a playful contrast and looks amazing when wearing a monochrome outfit.

Wearing the Momento Large Hoops - 14k Vermeil & the Momento Mini Hoops in Sterling silver


 And most importantly, just have fun with it —

Nina x

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