Top Tips For Maintaining Your Jewellery In 2024

Top Tips For Maintaining Your Jewellery In 2024

As the new year begins, it's a gentle reminder to care for your most precious and sentimental items. Here are our top tips for keeping your jewellery in perfect condition.

1.Dust off the jewellery box..

If you've been keeping your jewellery tucked away, now's the perfect time to open it up and give the contents a refresh and clean. Pay special attention to silver jewellery (plated or otherwise) and low-karat gold, as they can oxidise over time, appearing dull and tarnished—especially in a nice warm jewellery box or pouch. To prevent this see our next tip below:

2.Rotate your jewellery.

Most reactions in metals happen when it's stored for long periods of time. An easy fix for this is to wear and rotate your jewellery then give them a polish with a soft cloth when you're finished. For extra-special Items you don’t want to wear, check in on them and make sure they are still in perfect condition.

3. Clean Your Jewellery

This may sound obvious, but it is genuinely so important as all metals require maintenance and care. We have a great Journal Post for those wanting an easy way to clean your jewellery quickly, see here “Clean Your Jewellery in 5 Minutes”.

4. Steam

If the above method sounds like to much effort, one of the best and most effective ways to remove oils and grime from your jewellery, regardless of material type, is to give it a gentle steam over the kettle for a minute, then rub/polish it with a soft cloth. The steam will melt away any grime, but be careful not to burn yourself as it will get hot. This method works wonders on small, fine chains or intricate jewellery with small details. We recommend this approach for all types of jewellery, except for pieces with gemstones.


5. Wash it off..

In the Southern Hemisphere summer, it’s easy to jump in the ocean or pool wearing all your jewellery (I am very guilty of this!). If you do, ensure you rinse off your jewellery with clean water and dry it (the drying stage is very important!). And when you are home later, give it a rub with a soft cloth to remove all salt or pool chemicals. If you don't, there is a chance of reactions occurring.

Regardless of your jewellery/material type, regular cleaning and upkeep are key, allowing you to enjoy them for a lifetime. 

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