FORMÉ Collection | Behind The Scenes

FORMÉ Collection | Behind The Scenes

It was from one simple notion that our newest collection FORMÉ was built ~ the notion of ‘what is it that we need now & will continue to wear beyond these times?’ This desire to create a ‘foundation’ from which our collection could grow led us to thinking about classic and intentional designs. Thoughtful, considered pieces and new styles that would become our immediate essentials and eventually expand into our Core Collection...

FORMÉ encapsulates the idea of a balance vs a contrast of styles; think feminine, pearl drop earrings worn with a simplistic, yet masculine curb chain… Satisfying our desire for contrasts, whilst set against the playful & dabbling in the occasion ~ oooh la la!

Building upon our essential styles are the Waves and Formé Hoops and Studs. These designs have been made to layer, in combination with each other or simply solo.

I personally love the Waves Hoops paired with the little huggie Waves Studs; I’ve been wearing the samples and love that the duo of these pairs gives a lightweight, yet heavy look combination (again, satisfying my style contrast itch!).

The Waves and Formé Hoops

For the days when you want a secure and seamless earring; the Haze Hinge Hoops are the perfect go-to..They are the ultimate ‘stay-in, never take-out’ hoop, they’re great for doing activities in - whether that be running or sleeping the design means that they ‘lock in’ and there will be no pesky pin to dig into the back or your ear. 

The Haze Hinge Hoop worn with the Waves Hoops

Our new Lowe and Estelle Baroque Pearl Drops are based upon an older, much loved design which we have given a loving refresh to - reinvented, elevated and ‘chic’ (love to hate this word, but it really sums these up!) I can envision these being worn down the aisle on your wedding day, or just casually with jeans and a tee - infinitely versatile. We chose to use highly graded Baroque pearls for these styles, adding to simple and classic designs ~ definitely less is more feels.

The Lowe Baroque Pearl Drops

FORMÉ is a foundation on which we build; an expansion to our Core range & commitment to creating classic, handcrafted forever pieces ; we are so thrilled to be able to share it with you!

The FORMÉ Collection Available Online Now ~ 

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