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We would love to hear from you ~


We would love to hear from you ~


We aim to create responsibly, produce ethically & practice responsible processes.
Flash Jewellery is committed to minimising and improving our environmental impact. We’re not perfect but we are continuously working towards being better - progress, not perfection.

Implemented in May 2021, the Flash Buy-Back scheme allows us to close the loop; recycling/upcycling unwanted jewellery, giving these metals a second life and ensuring nothing is disregarded or ends up in landfill.

Any pieces we receive back under our ‘buy-back’ scheme, will be sent back to our manufacturer to be melted down, purified and recycled, ready for a second life and recreated into objects, art or jewellery.

This scheme has been designed to ensure we continue to embrace sustainable practices & products, reducing our impact on the environment to our very best extent.


Our Byron Bay studio, warehouse, showroom and office is solar-powered & we participate actively in recycling our spent materials to reduce our input into landfill. We consciously make decisions in our day to day operations that will minimise our environmental footprint, wherever possible.

Environmental Policy

Flash Jewellery is committed to minimising and improving our environmental impact. We recognise it is our responsibility to go beyond industry standards, spread awareness & transparency surrounding sustainable practices and processes

We aim to limit water usage wherever possible; from ensuring taps are completely turned off to capturing rainwater to water our office plants; water is a precious commodity and an essential condition for life.

Our manufacturers capture rainwater and utilise this recycled water back into their manufacturing processes. All of our manufacturers also have an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) within their factory, which removes any hazardous chemicals from leftover wastewater.

As a business, we are continually looking at ways to reduce our waste & minimise landfill contribution.

Our biggest challenge as a business is to be plastic-free. We are looking to eliminated plastic from our processes in our HQ, and are trying to find alternatives to small zip-lock bags due to a multitude of reasons, including exporting and customs and storage.

This has been a huge hurdle to overcome, so we are beyond excited in 2022 to be receiving the first shipment of our jewellery packed in new cornstarch bags that are 100% biodegradable and can be composted.

It is our responsibility as a sustainable business to consider the carbon footprint of our operations. The best way we can support the reduction of emissions in our industry is to supply a conscious, sustainable product. By nominating the use of recycled metals and gemstones, we are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our designs by eliminating the further mining of the earth’s resources. We have the goal to become a carbon-neutral company by 2023.