Materials & Manufacturing

Intentionally produced, we create products with craftsmanship & care in mind. We prioritise using recycled metals & materials and do not use animal products.

Vermeil is a benchmark of quality. 'Vermeil is different from regular ‘gold plated jewellery’ as to be legally called ‘Vermeil’ it has to comply with US standards: 

  • The base metal must be pure silver or 925 sterling silver
  • Gold plate needs to be 2.5 microns thick or higher
  • Gold karat needs to be 10k or higher

    We produce in recycled 925 sterling silver with a gold overlay of 14k gold. All our jewellery is plated in a minimum of 2.5 microns - depending on the piece up to 4 microns are used. 

    Together we work alongside our manufacturers, to produce & manufacture our jewellery in a way that is sustainable, ethical & responsible. 

    Almost daily, our Founder and Designer, Nina, will be in touch with our Production Manager, discussing designs, processes and receiving the latest updates from the production team.


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