The Leisure Collection | Behind The Scenes

The Leisure Collection | Behind The Scenes

Leisure - Collection Six  | Launching July 29

It’s been a year now since we have released new styles, so it’s safe to say we are excited about this!

Our new collection (ironically) named Leisure is a collection I designed in the heat of summer, December 2019. The idea behind the collection was to provoke a feeling, a sense of being at ease, being really chilled and taking things slowly - I wanted these styles to be effortless and to really reflect these feelings...

Unknown to us at the time, the launch of this collection would coincide with lockdowns and restrictions; so it feels extra special to us that we can now release this series and share with you the ethos of the collection; the sense of being at ease & these relaxing moments have never been more important than they are now!


Leisure moodboard.

Like all Flash collections, the aim when designing is to find the balance between strong and soft, occasion and every-day, and for these to be 'forever pieces' that connect with the wearer.

Leisure really mirrors this balance, with bold link chains and beautiful Baroque Pearls. (I love these pearls we have picked out!) It’s a purposely small collection for us, we really refined this series and each design as I wanted to create those essential pieces you will have for years and years and never grow old of..

BTS in the Studio

My personal favourite is the bold, signature chain of the collection ‘The Leisure Chain’ It started as a sample I had, originally with large pearls spaced between the links...but it wasn't quite right...I had a day at my makeshift ‘jewellers bench’ (aka the kitchen bench in the studio) sawing up links and re-arranging these to sit perfectly when worn, and I’m so happy with the results.

Our Artisans creating our Leisure Chains

These links are all made by hand - each crafted into shape by our jewellers, so each and every chain is unique and truly special; I feel like this will become a core style and a forever piece in many customers' jewellery collections (and mine!

The 'Leisure' collection has been handmade in ethically sourced 14 vermeil, with consideration put into every design detail... We can’t wait to share this collection with you ~ Launching on July 29.

Nina x

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