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We would love to hear from you ~

We would love to hear from you ~

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The Design Series | Originally Designed

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We welcome back our 'design series' in a fresh and invigorated way discussing the details and insights into our designs with me, Nina!


Starting off with two of our most loved core styles, both that have been with us for many seasons/years standing the test of time and embodying what our Core Collection stands - to be timeless, to transcend seasons and remain in your jewellery collection forever.



“The Ingot Pendant Necklace is the most sentimental piece I've designed. It's one very close to my heart as it's inspired by an 'ingot' necklace that has been passed down to me from my Nana.

Just like mine, it's a solid, weighty pendant engraved with unique markings.”

The Flash Ingot necklace also has a really special touch - all are engraved with the individual weight of the pendant - something I love to show customers and something that's unique just to that necklace.




Another favourite - Originally designed in 2018 is the knot hoops - inspired by my background in metalwork and the hunt for a classic 90's type (lady Diana) knot earring, but modern.



The knot hoop is crafted by hand from tube, it's made to look heavy and weighty - but are very light and I find myself always reaching for these as they are the perfect balance of being subtle - but a statement.

Untill next time....

Nina x