The Design Series | Eight Collection

The Design Series | Eight Collection

The Eight Collection is now out and I love seeing it in the wild being worn effortlessly by all! This series is inspired by my own personal jewellery collection; it’s a collection which is a mixture of really essential (sensible) styles mixed with nostalgic, fun, playful and more empowering statement pieces.

Diving deeper into the collection, I thought it would be amazing to revisit the design files and share in depth the details on a few of my favourite styles in the collection.

While ‘sensible’ is great, these three styles I have picked are bold, fun and ever empowering!

Starting off with the Ricci Hoops 

You’ll recognise the name from one of our previous collections and from our ever popular Ricci Ring. This felt like an easy natural progression, creating bold hoops with the same smooth, high polished finish. Refined, with a nostalgic feel, they’re like a hoop earring you would find in the early 90’s (which I love!). But also, can you ever have too many hoops?

Forever playing with proportions in our collections, these hoops come in two sizes. I'm slightly biased towards the more understated smaller size as the width and boldness of the hoop means it can stand alone as a subtle statement piece. It also looks so good with one of our Eight Ear Cuffs.

Eight Chain, the signature chain of the collection and of variation of our Vermouth Chain. It has wide links that have a half round detail; having these ‘wider’ links with a flat inside base means the chain falls and sits a different way.

Designing always with versatility in mind, we’ve made the clasp large enough that you can clasp it at any length and added our signature ball charm detail - the icing on the cake.

Unlike our Leisure Chain and Vermouth Chain Necklace where all the links are crafted into shape by hand, the Eight Chain links are all cast individually and then hand finished. This ensures each link is exactly like the last, creating uniformity and adding to the refined look of the chain.

And, saving my favourite until last… A design I have sampled many times, sat on, re-looked at and now finally it’s made the cut. I’m so excited it’s out - The Eight Arm Cuff!

Firstly, the reason it took so long to release this style is due to the huge amount of sterling silver and gold it takes to create this. It weighs a solid 55g - a doozie when compared to your average pair of earrings weighing in at approximately less than 5g.

Using high quality recycled sterling silver and 14k gold, we hollowed out the inside of the design to ensure wearability and functionality. My favourite way to wear this is slightly up the arm. It’s a big vibe and so refreshing to have a statement cuff instead of the usual statement earring.

The Eight Arm Cuff is also a limited edition style - we are only making one batch, then they will be gone forever… Making these even more special.

You can find these styles and the rest of the Eight Collection online now and in store via our amazing worldwide Flash stockists.

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