New Year. Same Values.

New Year. Same Values.

Our commitment to sustainability, originality, social responsibility & empowerment rang loud and true in 2022...And we can't wait to build & progress on our key values in 2023.

2022 recap...

In 2022 we saved an estimated *67 kg of metal being mined by using certified recycled metals for ALL of our collections.

We helped recycle over 55 items of jewellery via our own unique jewellery recycling program; the Flash Buy-Back Scheme.

We eliminated plastic ziplock bags! Replaced with cornstarch bags that are 100% biodegradable and can be composted.

We moved our concept store and office to a new space in Byron Bay that is more eco and solar-powered.

We partnered with a new manufacturer and our jewellery was produced by a workforce that consists of 80% women, spanning across all departments & in management. Aligning with our values of empowerment, diversity & inclusivity for all.


We can't wait to build & progress on our key values in 2023.

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