Introducing The Flash Buy-Back Scheme

Introducing The Flash Buy-Back Scheme

Part 03. Beauty & functionality, done sustainably.
Going one step further in our sustainability goals, we’re introducing an incredible initiative.. The Flash Buy-Back Scheme

As a business we are committed to incorporating sustainable, responsible practices into our processes, we are also committed to working with precious metals that hold their value, can be used over and over again and have the ability to be recommissioned to take on a new life. 

The Flash Buy-Back scheme will allow us to close the loop, recycling/upcycling your unwanted jewellery, giving these metals a second life and ensuring nothing is disregarded or ends up in landfill.

We are now accepting your unwanted jewellery from any brand, not just Flash Jewellery.

Return your unwanted jewellery to us and we will ‘buy it back’, issuing you with a 15% off credit which can be used online at Flash Jewellery.

We are extending this initiative to silver & brass/gold plated pieces (with the plans to open this scheme up to accepting all metals very soon).

Any pieces we receive back under our ‘buy-back’ scheme, will be sent back to our manufacturer to be melted down, purified and recycled, ready for a second life and recreated into objects, art or jewellery.

If you would like to participate in our buy-back scheme please visit our Warranty & Repairs page; follow the instructions to fill out the form provided and email it to us at

We believe Sustainability is essential.

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