Introducing Recycled Metals

Introducing Recycled Metals

Part 02. Beauty & functionality, done sustainably.

As a business we are committed to incorporating sustainable, responsible practices into our processes.

Switching to recycled metals has been a big goal for us and after working on this behind the scenes for so long we're really happy to finally share this with you ~ 

We are thrilled to announce that as of 2021, we are now only using recycled metals for our collections! Preserving what materials are already on offer and not contributing to the further mining of earth's resources. 

We are committed to working with precious metals that hold their value, can be used over and over again and have the ability to be recommissioned to take on a new life.

We purchase these recycled metals instead of buying newly mined metals to create our jewellery. In-house, our manufactures also recycle any scraps, which are then melted down, purified and reused again, nothing is disregarded.

If you would also like to know more about the high quality, recycled metals we use read more here, or read more about our Responsibility & Sustainability practices here.

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