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We would love to hear from you ~


We would love to hear from you ~

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Introducing Our New Packaging

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Part 01. Beauty & functionality, done sustainably.

We're so excited to kick off our three-part Journal series announcing our latest sustainability attributes with the introduction of our new packaging.

As a business we are committed to incorporating sustainable, responsible practices into our processes.

We are forever reimagining our packaging and ways in which it can become more eco-friendly and to have reusable purpose. Which is why, after many many months in the making, we are so thrilled to finally unveil our new Flash packaging and all of its sustainable and functional features.

An exciting and refreshing update, with most noticeably a change in colour. Continuing our traditional tan boxes, but diving deeper into the spectrum of brown - a colour that represents simplicity, reliability and approachability. All of which are values held highly by Flash.

Reusable and created by hand in natural, undyed linen and silk fibres. These pouches have been designed to be breathable and reusable; perfect for storing your jewellery while in your handbag, or for travelling with.

Created in cardboard and paper & constructed by hand with eco glues; these boxes are made to be reused and to store your other treasures in.

We have made a conscious decision also to eliminate the foam or rubber insert that is a more cost effective packaging solution; but not in line with our eco-friendly ethos.

A treat for our online customers - a beautiful bag designed to be reused, repurposed and gifted. Made from cardboard and paper with material handles; it’s the icing on the cake when treating yourself or someone special.

Mailing Box 
Mailing boxes made for our online orders are made from recycled cardboard; these boxes don’t require tape thus eliminating the use of any plastics, as well as bubble wrap or poly bags in our shipping process. If tape is required we use a minimal amount in a biodegradable option.

Care Cards & Postcards
All of our printing and promotional material is created locally using recycled paper/ cardboard.

An exciting and refreshing change and only the beginning - we’ll forever continue working on improving our packaging; evolving and adapting it to become more sustainable, eco & user friendly.

Our new packaging is now available and will be received with all online orders and in store purchases.

Read more about our Responsibility & Sustainability practices here.