Highlighting The Leisure Collection

Highlighting The Leisure Collection

After many months in the workings and with lockdowns & restrictions making progress a tiny bit more challenging, we were finally able to launch our Leisure Collection last month!

This collection was our first in almost a year, we are so happy with the way it finally came together & so proud of the hurdles we overcame to achieve it ~ we see it as only fitting to take some time to highlight the styles, processes & thoughts that went into making it all possible.

Recapping our last blogpost - The idea behind the collection was to provoke a feeling, a sense of being at ease, being really chilled and taking things slowly - I wanted these styles to be effortless and to really reflect these feelings…

Which takes us to the signature piece of the collection…


After spending time on a sample chain necklace; sawing links, removing pearls & rearranging until it sits beautifully when worn, the Leisure necklace was born..

A perfect balance of solid & strong, timeless & classic; this was to become our signature not only in this collection but in our core collection.




Every single link in our Leisure Chains is crafted by hand. Cut, shaped, soldered,  buffed & polished by our team of skilled artisans in Jaipur, India. The time invested in the creation of this style is evident in its final design and execution, this piece truly is a labour of love.

Below is an image of our Leisure bracelet being made, spot the large pile of links waiting to be cut and arranged - on the top of a bench our 'live sample' which is the master to be copied.










The Leisure Collection would not have been complete without our Leisure Chain offered in a bracelet also! Again cut and rearranged by yours truly - it’s a slightly different formation of links to the necklace and I love the feature of two long interlocking links that sit on the wrist giving it movement; which makes it perfect for everyday wear. 


Our Mode Pearl Hoops are the perfect balance between classic & simplistic. A mid-sized hoop featuring a baroque freshwater pearl; we wanted to create a style that was a sister to our much loved ‘Paloma Hoop’, a style that was easy & effortless, whilst ensuring the wearer felt elevated & amazing.

All of our baroque freshwater pearls are individually sourced; due to the nature of pearls, no two will ever be the same & each will retain its own unique shape & characteristics. In production these pearls are only half-drilled & a fine screw used to attach to our pieces, this is a lengthier process (when compared to full drilling) however it ensures the natural integrity of each individual pearl remains intact & visible in our final pieces.


Having heard my Dad recount numerous times a tale about a tigers eye ring that he possessed & that mysteriously disappeared, I decided it would be cool to one day reinvent & replace this ring for him…In true daughter style I never replaced the ring for my dad but this is what inspired our latest ring (It’s the thought that counts right!?)

Drawing influence from the classic masculine signet rings of the 1970s, The Rocky Tigers Eye Ring features a square cut African tigers eye stone & draws a bold yet refined presence.

I really love this for a pinky ring See them here online...


Our sell-out chain of the collection is our most versatile by far, The Vermouth Chain.

The length of this chain and the shape and formation of the links means it can be worn in so many different ways. Clasp it anywhere to get the perfect length for your outfit, wrap it around your wrist to have a layered chain bracelet - or be like me and clasp it at the front and have the long chain and ball charm front and centre, it works amazingly. We sold out the first time around so we have these back for pre-order ~ due to land next week which is exciting!

Highlighting these pieces, the design, craftsmanship, and sharing the ideas behind the styles is something that often gets put on the back burner, so it's rewarding to finally share this with you!

See these styles and the rest of our new collection online ~

Nina x

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