Fortune Collection | Behind the Scenes

Fortune Collection | Behind the Scenes

Next week we are welcoming our latest collection ~ FORTUNE

We are so excited to introduce this lighthearted collection of new signature styles and seasonal classics; a collection that embodies good luck & abundance - because that's what we all need right now!

Ironically, luck was not on our side in producing this collection (I’m laughing now - but, wow, it was the most challenging to date). We faced many, many delays all completely unforeseen, so we’re very happy it’s finally here & we can finally share it with you! Better late than never right?

Leaning into the use of gemstones from our last collection, you’ll see rich-savory green Period in many styles, sprinkled and set into bold hinge hoops, alongside perfectly-cut baguette rings and pendants. 

This stone also inspired the collection name - as Peridot attracts abundance, prosperity and happiness.

A new take on our original serpent chain - the return of a flat snake chain in our collection, renamed the ‘Allure Chain’. It's already a staff favourite and on high rotation. This time we have made the length slightly shorter to sit perfectly along the collar bones and to compliment other necklaces when worn layered. 

A request we receive all the time is if we could create a smaller ‘Leisure Chain’ (our bold signature chain)... And in this collection we deliver. Perfectly proportioned and handmade in every way - it's a limited edition style that we won't be repeating. 

And lastly, I couldn't not mention my favorite style - The Venus Hoops. Being extremely biased to a large hoop, these were created by me playing and wrapping tube into wearable shapes using the same classic-hoop silhouette. They're so simple but elevated and breathe freshness into our series of hoop earrings.

As always, I love sharing the design process, coming from a metalwork & jewellery background this is what I'm most passionate about and it was hard to pick only a handful of styles to highlight. If you have any questions please let us know & we hope you love the collection!

Nina x

FORTUNE collection ~ Launching Tuesday 10th of May ~


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