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We would love to hear from you ~



As a small business, we know how important it is to encourage & support those around us so we have a created a new series highlighting inspiring spaces, objects &  businesses, and the amazing people behind them. Kicking off the series with our Flash stockist, the lovely Kasey Attard from Kind Curations. 

Hi Kasey! Tell us a little bit about yourself & your story - Where are you from and what was the journey & process like that led you to open/start Kind Curations?
Hello! I'm Kasey, owner and director of Kind Curations. I'm originally from Mackay, but moved to the Gold Coast about 8 years ago after spending 4 years in Brisbane studying journalism and working in the construction industry. Yes, construction. Never did I imagine I would open a retail store. Fashion and interiors were always just a hobby, and working in this realm never seemed like a valid career move. 

I started working for a tech start-up on the Gold Coast that focussed on digitising the wholesale buying process, and it's here that I learnt a lot about the retail industry. My partner Sam had also been working as a buyer for 6 years, so both of our experiences and passions organically led us down the Kind Curations path. But it was still a very last minute decision to take the dive into starting our own biz! Things all kind of fell into place at the end of 2017, when we noticed an interesting building in construction down the road from our Currumbin home. We enquired and Cornerstone was still looking for tenants! We had about 2.5 months from concept to the opening date.

We were very fortunate to have architect friends Chloe Naughton & Dan Wilson who took the reins on the shop design and fit-out, which allowed us to focus on the branding, buying and all the other less fun things (business registration, loans, insurance etc.). This was all happening over the Christmas period too which was madness! I finished up at my previous job at the end of January and we opened the store on the 8th of Feb 2018. We trusted our instincts and went with the flow during the whole process, which I think has really shaped the business to this day.
What values & ethos do you embrace & look for when curating brands and products for the store?

Of utmost importance to us when curating brands is authenticity & quality. We want to hear the brands' story and know that we are supporting a passionate person or team behind the scenes. As we've gotten older we've come to appreciate quality over quantity so much more. I still have pieces in my wardrobe and home from 6+ years ago that I still adore to this day, and that's how we want our customers to feel about the pieces they buy from us. We also highly value sustainability and environmentally responsible practices within business. Each brand we select is doing their part in some way to ensure the future of our planet.

Can you tell us where or who do you look to for inspiration, optimism and what keeps you moving forward?
Being outside with my bare feet on the ground always delivers when I need a bit of optimism. It gets me out of my head and thinking about the bigger picture. I find inspiration everywhere all the time, it might be through a beautiful conversation with a friend, a song that spurs a change of attitude, the afternoon light streaming through a window, a book, a blog, a photo, my family. Inspiration is everywhere if you're open to it. But it truly is the kindness of my friends, family and customers that keeps me moving forward in business.


Find out more at www.kindcurations.com