Eight Collection | Behind The Scenes

Eight Collection | Behind The Scenes

As I always say - I’m so excited about our new collection!

I feel like with every new collection that we release, we mature and our jewellery becomes more refined and more true to our aesthetic. With designing, it really flows through phases and how I'm feeling is often reflected in the final pieces.

When designing Eight, you can really see the results of these feelings. A mix of classic, endlessly essential styles beside the nostalgic, bold statement pieces.

Eight was inspired by fulfilling the missing links, not only in my personal collection, but yours too; what pieces or links I felt were missing for every day, or night wear, for layering, or just for laying down in...

A favourite is of mine.. The Seven Chain, not only my lucky number, but this chain has real weight behind it, which I really enjoy. It has solid, cable-chain like links that sit and move well. I’ve been wearing the sample for the past 6 months (and haven't taken it off!). Layered back of course with our Vermouth Chain Necklace (clasp at the front) and our beautifully simple Curb Chain Necklace. Combination made in necklace heaven.

Also a stand out for me is the High Tide series.. It’s a continuation of our Waves series, but slightly more organic, and solid. 

I’m super excited about welcoming back an ear cuff to our collections, an easy wearing and fun addition to your earring stack….

Longevity and wearability is forever at the forefront of my mind when designing; but sometimes you just need some fun, playful pieces! The Eight Arm Cuff is this for me. 

I can’t wait to have one in my personal collection and wear it layered over silk shirts or on bare arms. I have designed it to be worn slightly higher up the arm, creating an impact to any outfit. A truly unique, forever piece to become a future heirloom and passed onto your loved ones.

The EIGHT Collection Launching Tomorrow | June 17 2021 

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