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We would love to hear from you ~

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How To Store Your Jewellery

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Let’s be honest, how to store your jewellery is a bit of an underrated topic - while I love expanding my knowledge on metals and exploring new ways we can create sustainable, long lasting jewellery, some of the fundamental basics can be overlooked...

So! Let’s start with the basics...

How to store your Sterling Silver & Vermeil jewellery.

We’ve all experienced this at one stage; pulling a favourite piece of jewellery out from your jewellery box or pouch, and surprise! Discoloured, blackened and tarnished.

But why?

This tarnish is actually the result of a chemical reaction which can be accelerated when your jewellery is stored away for periods of time. 

To give you clarity, let’s talk about sterling silver (which is the base metal of all our Vermeil pieces).

Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy. (This is why you see the 925 stamp on all sterling silver pieces)

92.5% pure silver - unlike other metals, it doesn't react with oxygen or water… But will react with hydrogen sulfide/ sulfur.

7.5% alloy - ‘alloy means two or more metallic elements creating a metal’. In high quality sterling silver this ‘alloy’ is a mix of mainly copper with a fraction of zinc. Copper - reacts also to sulfur and slowly reacts with oxygen.

Storing your jewellery correctly can help avoid the above mentioned chemical reactions from occurring in the metals of your jewellery. As a result, you will need less maintenance and see more longevity from your pieces!


A side note - we scientifically test our recycled metals/sterling silver regularly to ensure it’s of a high quality ratio, see one of our reports below.. 

Our manufactures randomly pick a finished Vermeil piece, then files back the gold to reach the sterling silver base metal and this is what is teasted.... This report shows a healthy mix of pure silver (Ag) with Alloy (CU is copper & ZN is Zinc ~ luckily i still remember the periodic table!) This report also ensure no 'mystery metals are in our jewellery and our recycled metals have been purified correctly.


Now, with the science lesson over, I’ve compiled a list of simple Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to storing your sterling silver and Vermeil jewellery.

  • My favourite, as it’s the most simple - don't store your jewellery in the bathroom! The bathroom is the most humid place in your house; this humidity can accelerate the chemical reactions in metals
  • Do store your jewellery in a jewellery dish or tray (or in the Flash box with the lid off!) This encourages airflow and will prevent reactions in the metals of your jewellery
  • Our Flash Jewellery linen pouches are safe to store your jewels in; however ensure you don’t place the pouch in a box or drawer!  This has the potential to restrict air flow to your jewellery which may lead to creating a ‘microclimate’ in your jewellery pouch (this can in turn accelerate the fun reactions we’ve touched on)
  • Do clean your jewellery! Storing and cleaning your jewellery go hand in hand. The longevity of your jewels will depend on how much TLC you give them. A simple clean with a soft cloth will go a long way in ensuring your jewels last a lifetime - we’ve put together our easiest and best jewellery cleaning hacks here! (link)
  • Do wear your jewellery everyday! Don't leave it sitting in a stuffy jewellery box saving it for your next occasion; wear it and love it, every single day.

If you have any tips or tricks on 'How you store your jewellery I would love to hear from you, email us at Hello@flashjewellery.com 

Nina x