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We would love to hear from you ~

We would love to hear from you ~

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Part One of our Flash Journal Design Series.

Our designer, Nina is talking us through some key design details for some of our most popular pieces.

"These are our jewellery staples which are designed to be worn, day-in, day-out, so i'm really excited to highlight some of the details I obsess over”


Our ‘leave-in, never-take-off hoops’ The Mondo Hoops come in three sizes...but they are all designed with the idea of comfort in mind. The aim was to make these hoops as light as possible, with a seamless clasp so you can do any activity wearing them (sleeping included) and they would stay 'put'.

The details of the seamless clasp mean the weight of the hoop is counterweighted, so they are always balanced when worn and will never pull or strain your ears - they’re also great if you’re on the phone a lot (me right now) as the seamless clasp means no poking or prodding behind your ear.

I’m a fan of the XL (The largest 6CM hoop) but the Mini (1.5CM) and Large (4CM) size have been our most popular... take your pick.


When we say staple, these are the first pair of earrings that spring to mind from our collections.

Small and petite, these are made to wrap around your earlobe and look seamless whether you chose to wear them solo or in your second or third piercing.

The Baby Studs are the smallest earring style we’ve ever made and these babies (pun intended) also make the perfect gift, we are always sending these out with love notes to lucky recipients.


A barely-there fine chain necklace that’s beautifully subtle. This necklace has proved to be a crowd favourite and I have to agree - I know when a style is really good because I never take it off and forget it’s there.

When creating any of our chain styles it’s really important to me they never ‘grab’ or pull on your hair or clothes and The Slinky Chain passes all the tests.


I’m truly biased to this style, it‘s a true classic and when designing it I resisted the urge to engrave or set a stone on the face. I think leaving it blank elevates it more-so and means you can wear and make it your own.

I sampled The Classic Signet Ring three times before it went into production, focusing on the width of the band and thickness of the face, as these all contribute to the wearability of the piece and minimise whether it will spin and turn on your finger when worn. Sampled in 2017 and i’m still wearing the sample to this day...

Thanks for tuning in! 

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to know about with our design process.

All jewellery is originally designed in house, down to the nitty-gritty details.

Part Two coming soon.

Nina x