Celebrating International Woman's Day

Celebrating International Woman's Day

It’s essential to us to celebrate international women's day every year, As a female business owner who has worked in male-dominated industries, I've seen firsthand the challenges that women face when it comes to achieving equality.

Traditionally for us, International Women's Day has been a time to highlight the accomplishments of strong women in our Flash community who are leading the way in business and beyond. As a brand that embodies empowerment, it's so important to recognise these women that are paving the way.

However, lately, I've been thinking about, how as a modern woman, there is consistent pressure to succeed, and that we must always be striving for more. 

Recently I’ve been chatting to some like-minded female creatives and business owners about this topic, and the feelings are mutual…Do you feel it?

With this in mind, this year, I wanted to share some resources, podcasts and books that I look to for inspiration and empowerment.


Self Practice.

Self Practice I find so inspiring there’s Books, tools, research and workshops to aid self-inquiry through creative practice.

Even if you just follow them on Instagram, it’s a sense of calm in a noisy place.


Podcast | Todd Henry

If you’re feeling consistent pressure, burnout or have a creative block, this one is for you.

This is my favourite podcast by Todd Henry who is an author, international speaker, consultant, and advisor and discusses and teaches creative pros how to thrive under pressure.

More to come ~

Nina x

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