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We would love to hear from you ~


Highlighting the Ricci Collection ~ 5 things to know


Late last year we released the final drop of styles from our Ricci collection ~ we see it as only fitting to take some time now to highlight these styles, the processes & thoughts that went into making it all possible.

Here's 5 things to know about our newest collection jewels and all your favourite styles.

1.The Idea

Designed over lockdown while dressing down and dressing for comfort - the idea of ‘when it’s all over‘ fueled the inspiration for many of our Ricci styles. 

We wanted to hang onto the notion that we will want to get dressed up again, celebrate occasions, be together, put on a good pair of party earrings and once again dance the night away….

2. Originally designed

Each Ricci style was designed in-house in our Byron Bay studio.

We started sampling the hollow spheres which feature in this series on our Disco Hoops and Disco Drops 01. & 02. over a year ago, going back and forth trying to make them as light as possible so we could meet our design aesthetic and still retain functionality.

3. A Time for Firsts

We’re so excited to introduce the first gemstone to our Flash collections ~ beautiful, baguette-cut clear Topaz. Reflecting and glittering with a natural, baby blue hue. Each Topaz gemstone is individually set by hand by our skilled artisans & encased in our premium 14k vermeil.


4. It’s in the Details

From gemstones set by hand to hollowed-out imperfect domes ~ in this collection we focused on some really special features. 

One of our favourite details belongs to the Ingot Pendant Necklace. Each ingot is weighed & engraved with its exact individual weight ~ every weight is slightly different, making each & every one of these necklaces unique.

5. Mindfully Made 

We’re so proud of our new jewels and the ethics that have been considered & involved whilst creating them.

Each piece is handmade by our skilled artisans in ethically sourced (and where possible, recycled) metals to create our premium 14k vermeil.


Image of the Topaz being set in our Ricci Topaz Studs.

And that's it - 5 things to know about our Ricci Collection. If you have any burning questions, or would like to know more contact us and we will be sure to included it in our next series!

Nina x